Welcome to the Colorado Citizens for Science (CCFS) home page. CCFS was organized to counter the political movement of creationism that is attempting to erode quality science education. A report from the Fordham Foundation gives Colorado a 'B' for its science education because the state standards do not address human evolution.

There are two creationist organizations in Colorado, a young-Earth organization (YEC) and one that supports intelligent design (ID). Proponents of YEC believe in a literal interpretation of the Bible and pose little threat to science education. However, ID is a more sophisticated form of creationism that has greater public support, although scientifically it is without merit.

CCFS is not an anti-religious organization. In fact, many of our members are people of faith. All of its members do believe, however, that science is the only way that humanity can understand the natural world. It is the intention of CCFS to provide the citizens of Colorado with relevant information regarding science education and the threats posed by creationism. Please feel free to contact CCFS if you have questions, need assistance in confronting creationists in your community, or to join our discussion list.

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